Piranha Water Products provides niche products and systems that address the results of water based minerals in industrial, restaurant, and home applications. Piranha Water Products remove dissolve water scale, calcium and lime from water based systems.
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Our Brand Promise

“Always Effective, Safe and Environmentally Responsible Product Solutions”

If you are looking to find effective, safe and environmentally friendly Descalers for removing calcium deposits and water scale from swimming pools, spas, water features, glass, stone or tile then you have found the right spot. We have tried numerous descalers sold in retail stores to remove calcium from our swimming pool water line with no results. We even resorted to industrial descaling products specifically designed to treat the toughest applications of water borne mineral deposits and began sharing these descaler products with our neighbors and friends. We wanted an effective descaler that was safe to use and not harmful to the environment, but really worked. The Piranha brand descalers take the best of these industrial descaling products and bring them to the consumers for use in their swimming pool, spa and applications where hard water leaves calcium, lime and other mineral deposits. We have Piranha Descaling Gel which is a very aggressive gelled descaler that sticks to vertical walls to remove the toughest baked on calcium and water scale. Piranha Descaler Spray is excellent to use on horizontal surfaces or dissolving water scale from tight crevices. The Piranha Salt Cell Cleaner is a concentrated descaler that is diluted in solution to dissolve calcium and other mineral deposits from your salt cell chlorinator. These descaling products are excellent to use in your swimming pool applications, but can also be used to remove water scale or clean calcium deposits from many surfaces and applications. If you are tired of wasting money on descalers that do not work, try Piranha branded descaling products and see the results.


Pool Supplies Descaler Pools Chemistry that simply works Pool Supplies Descaler PoolsNot hazardous to workers Pool Supplies Descaler Pools Safe for our environment